The Designer Diaries : K. Antoinette

Throughout my career in the fashion industry, I have been lucky to come across the wonderful designs of Ms.K.Antoinette. Her fabulous designs are for the curvatious woman with slim options to the petite beauty. She is one of my favorite designers from the San Francisco bay area. Step into the Fabulous world of Ms. K…….

Jaie: whats your favorite piece youve ever created?

K:The Kimono and the Bombshell Tap Pant set

Jaie: Why are the items you picked were
your all time favorites to create?

K: The kimono was my favorite because it is the most challenging to make and it has a sexy edginess that’s rarely found in fashion, especially lingerie and loungewear. The tap pant set is another favorite because it embodies the point of view of my design aesthetic for my brand: An ode of the classic style of vintage lingerie with a modern twist that celebrates the curves of women.

Jaie: who inspired you to enter the fashion industry?

K: My inspiration stems from my love for clothing, as well as the art and business of fashion. I was also inspired by the lack of diversity in different aspects of the industry and my desire to change(or expand) the different concepts and standards of beauty.

Jaie: how long have you created your masterpieces?

K: It will be 6 years in August

Jaie: what the inspiration for your current collection?

K: I was inspired by a combination of nature and watercolors from Japanese art from recent outings.

Jaie: what sizes does your intimate couture range?

K: Small-XXL; I also have some special edition pieces offered in 1X-4X

Jaie: what types of fabrics do you prefer to use for your line?

K: Stretch lace is my all time favorite as it is versatile and flattering to every figure. It’s also very sexy yet classy.

Jaie: what keeps you going in this ever changing industry?

K: My love for creating art through design and my mission to keep educating the masses on the importance of self love, self acceptance and the various facets of beauty and art that exists around us. Also my clients/customers keep me motivated to keep moving forward and expanding my brand.

Jaie: what is your ultimate favorite color of all time?

K: Unfortunately,Leopard isn’t a color. As much as I love purple I would have to say RED as it looks best on me and it always makes a statement whenever I wear it.

Jaie: what
are your other business ventures?

K: I have another company 3Sixty Fashion Group that focuses on Event Production, Image Consulting and Wardrobe Styling and I have a blog (re-launching in June). I also have some media and entertainment projects that I am working on for the end of the year.

Jaie: where can we find your wonderful creations?

K: My brand is available for sale on and I also have a fan page at can shop there as well by clicking on the “My Etsy” tab)

I really appreciate the opportunity to work with you again thank you. The pleasure is mine!!!

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