The 5 secrets to great style

1. Confidence
This is a must. No matter what, the clothes dont make the person, its the person who makes the clothes, thats how Ive always seen it.

2. Color coordination

Always be aware that all colors dont work together! I always picture the color wheel and the position of each color family. Each family consists of 3 colors red, yellow and blue and the various shades produced by combining each color without being identical. Know your color wheel ladies! It will take you a looooooong way!

3. The art of being observant
Open your mind and pay attention to EVERYTHING theres style/fashion in everything from that cute shirt you saw at thr mall or the cute little pendant your grandma wears every sunday. Its cool to be be inspired, but never imitate. Put your own personal twist on it!

4. Be aware of fit

Now we’ve all seen that girl who is in just plain, outright, denial. She wears a 16 but loves to squeeze herself ( literally) in 12 to feel smaller and in reality it ends up making you look worse. Smh. Know what fits and complements you best! And be real with yourself!
And last but not least……5

5. Do what you want and be an individual!

Be yourself! If you see something that you really loved and your friends thought sucked, if you have a vision I say, go for it! Hey, you might even start trend! Never let anyone take your individuality from you! Its whats makes you unique! Be you!

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