5 a day! – 5 organic beauty solutions 2nd session

Well last week I introduced you guys to my weekly 5 organic or odd natural beauty solutions heres your second set! Arent you juiced!?!? Well I am! Im always excited to learn new ways to achieve overall wellness inside and out! Well….. Here we go!

1. You can treat facial blemishes by washing your face with cool potato juice give it a try! What do you have to lose! (very inexpensive)

2.start your day with a warm water and lemon tonic for optimal skin cleansing.

3. Boil sweet potatoes. Let them cool and mash them. Add a dallop of honey and spread over your face. Dont forget the eye area! Leave on for 20-30 mins then rinse for clear and soft skin!

4. Instead of discarding the water from boiling the sweet potatoes, soak your feet in the water. It does wonders!

5.and last but not least, did you know that milk of magnesium can be used to mattify the skin for those like myself with oily skin

And thats this weeks five! Stay tuned for next weeks organic beauty solutions!

If you would like me to cover any topic, just let me know! Thanks guys!

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