Girl on bike Jewelry

Well, if you didnt know I hella love accessories! Im OBSESSED! Like forreal,forreal.
Im always on the lookout for whats hot and as we approach christmas I know we all are on the search for the most unique gifts.
So, the other day in the fitting room this young lady had on the coolest earrings ever! She told me that they were made from recycled bike inner tube shaped like feathers! Neat huh?!? I truly have a passion for the planet and all things sustainable for iam a recycler myself, and im always looking for new ways to use old things. So of course this line of jewelry “girl on bike” is right up my alley! She offers a variety of really neat earrings that range from $23-$25 which is pretty reasonable if you ask me, sold at stores online on,facebook, twitter and her own personal blog @ You should really check out this fab line of jewelry today!

2 thoughts on “Girl on bike Jewelry

  1. The honor is all mine! I met one of your friends a couple of months ago and fell in love with your jewelry! I think it's really great that you make being green into a fashion statement in really cool way. I would really love to interview you to give my readers an insight on your talent and hard work. đŸ™‚ thanks again, Jaie

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