Feeling quite "Lush"-ous :)

I love to frequent my neighborhood lush cosmetics store on bay street in emeryville, california. I love to try new products weekly. the girls in there are so sweet and really helpful. every time I leave, I learn a new way to maintain my sexy lol. I recently ran across the most devine product that I probably would of never thought to buy…. a splendid dusting powder called silky underwear. it makes your skin feel just like silky underwear lol. when ever I think of dusting powder it reminds me of my mother’s perfume tray full of fragrances and the elucid powder puff. I never knew that I would need a dusting powder as a essential to my beauty maintenance. silky underwear is a jasmine scented dusting powder infused with grated slivers of cocoa butter. I’ve been using this product daily.its was love at first use. Every application leaves my skin feeling simply divine! After applying a light moisturizer, I use S.U.to dust my entire body for that silky feeling.the really cool thing about s.u. Is that it makes you glow unlike baby powder. This luxorious item is a must ! I will be surely buying another as soon as I start running low! I highly recommend that you give Silky underwear a try today!

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