African shea butter luv ;*

For the past few days, I don’t know about your area, but in the bay, we have had some beautiful weather!  The sun has shined brightly, while our evenings have been warm and lovely…. since i’ve been studying esthetics I’ve grown to have a love for skin and it’s preservation. I’m constantly searching for the best ways to treat and preserve the skin in the best ways possible. Which brings me back to a point I cannot express enough! We must protect our skin against a number of enemies on a daily basis so why not make the first step by protection from the sun.
A form of protection I use is African Shea butter. Its proven to be far superior than cocoa butter. The fatty acid in Shea butter is crucial to moisturizing and bring your skin back. Shea butter has many uses like
its used to treat dry skin, eczema, and minor Burns

Pain relief from swelling, swelling and arthritis

Improves muscle relaxation

Its also a form of sunscreen due to it’s rich content of vitamins E & F

Treats hyperpigmentation (dark spots ),  stretch marks, wrinkles

And the list goes on…so remember to use some form of protection to avoid looking wretched in the long run!  Protect yourselves.

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