songs in my queue

I love music and I can honestly say at this point in my life I listen to way more music than I watch t.v. don’t get me wrong, but if I didn’t have music I would go crazy!!!! It not only helps me maintain my sanity, it has really got me through some really rough times :-). So I said, hey why not share my current list that I keep on repeat Lol (just ask my roommates) I have a really long list so I’m just going to share the favorites from my current list

1. Justin Timberlake -tunnel vision
(Rings in my head constantly)

2. Justin Timberlake – don’t hold the wall

3.Justin Timberlake- blue ocean floor


4. Frank Ocean- pyramids
I been on this this song for a minute! I love the compilation of the two in one deal!


5. The weeknd- the party and the after party
This song just brings out the sensual side of me


6. Teeflii- this d
Everybody has that one song that makes you wanna move this is my current ratchet song
Lol love it!

Those are my current jams I love these tunes do you have that one song that constantly plays in your head?!? What’s yours?!!??

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