6 really cool costume ideas (and a really cool group costume collage)

This year I can honestly say, I wasn’t well prepared for a rad costume. This year it seems as though the world is becoming more and more festive with each holiday. I kinda feel left out, but then again, being the researcher I am, I took out my old trusty tablet and went to work! There’s tons of really cool creative last minute ideas for those of you that are like me 🙂 here’s six simple yet complex ideas I found that are very inexpensive, yet unique! So whip out your arts and crafts and tune into your creativity and get to work ladies! It is actually Halloween! Have fun!



                        50 shades of Gray lol


                                  Quiet storm


                                Beyonce as a Selfie


                               Shower loofahs


                                 Dime bag Lol


                            Whopper knitted edition
there’s also a wonderful collage for those of you doing the group thing this year


With all of these options I may end up doing something simple like this,


considering the time I have! I know, I know, this is hella last minute but I’m resourceful, I always make it work! (Night pics coming soon!)

yours truly, Jaie Hummingbird

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