Ootd late bird

On days beautiful like today was, I got out of the house and ran errands then explored some nice Bay Area treats and I feel I dressed for the nice, spring sunshine ☀️☀️☀️

20140324-221112.jpg I finally made it in to show y’all what I rocked today I got this really cute scarf that went great with my brown and neon bag that went great without being too matchy. I prefer a mixture/blend of color that makes an interesting look

Do you see this color my nail stylist and I created?!?
And I always have on a ring of some sort. I love hand adornments!😍😘💅

Don’t you just love the details on these hello kitty sneakers, very comfortable and cute

I also incorporated a pastel In there to soften the neon

I had to throw in a vintage piece of course! I’m wrinkled now lol
I had a nice lake side walk I really had a chance to take it all and enjoy this lovely day I had

Dinner was nice

Walk and view pretty nice.



Of course I change throughout the day if feasible.


Today was good.

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