Back to Reality

I’ve been on vacation for almost two weeks now and it feels so good to have time to reflect and refocus on my life and what I want in life. My new year started in October 2014 after 15 years of smoking I quit. Just like that. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever did. I’m glad to say that believe it or not, that one thing sparked a whole lot of positive changes to my life for the better.Ive started training with my trainer @ghenicurl, eating cleaner so during my holiday vacation  I got the chance to relax and do a little styling work while I’ve been in Madera for a client of mine Ola L. For the Motavation “We got next” photoshoot and got the chance to become a part of the shoot being that I have Family and friends ties here. I’m had a great time relaxing now like the title back to Reality!


      Myself with Ola L. Of Liinkup


CEO of Moneygrip Records, myself, Ola L and Kingz mob of moneygrip records

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