Aloe Vera= Life

I’ve had knowledge of this miracle plant for years and I aint even gone lie, my ass haven’t even used this miracle plant like I should, This miracle plant I’m talking about is called Aloe Vera!  While Aloe offers many benefits such as being a natural exfoliant, moisterizer,helps regenerate cells and can be used a natural laxative. Well I made myself some Aloe Vera gel that I will be using as a.m. and p.m. skin serum which I will apply in the morning and let it sit as I sip my warm lemon water and rinse and in the evening as I sip my ginger tea and rinse afterwards. I will keep you guys posted on the benefits on the use of aloe vera on hair from my first hand perspective.

Ive had problem skin throughout my life why not try something I have naturally on hand. I would love to see how it would help me with my hyperpigmentation why not?

Do you guys use any natural skin care alternatives that work for you? how do they work for you? I would love to share your perspective and ideas with my readers!!!

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